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Over the year I’ve had a blast sharing my stories and mingling with you guys on this site. But alas, it is time to move on to a bigger and better site. Come join me and the gang at my new site

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Love Shot 2 Contestant Poll

I had so much fun doing the Love Shot challenge this past summer. I had to do it again. But this time using a bachelor. Since I think simmers are more adept in making female sims, I figured why not give it a go again with a casting call for the most beautiful, eligible bachelorettes.

Over the past month, I’ve watched as you guys enter a larger and more diverse cast of hopefuls. And just like last time, I’m leaving it up to you guys. A poll has been created for you to choose up to 7 contestants that you would like to see get a chance to compete for a chance at true love. Look over the list of bachelorettes below and see who strikes your fancy.

The contestants top 7 contestants with the most votes get a shot at our bachelor. In case there is a tie for the last slots, the likes from the Love Shot 2 Wild Style thread on the sims forum will be used to break the tie.

Poll ends Tuesday September 22, 2015 at Noon CST

Contestants with the most will be announced September 25 – October 2.

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Voice & Character

I’m often asked to give advice on how to write a character’s voice. And while I try to give the best advice on how to do it, frankly, I’ve never put much thought into how I go about doing it. I just do it. So this is my attempt to really get into what goes into making a distinct character voice. I’m going to do my best to go over the necessary steps and tips that can help you make your characters sound like somebody. Note that his is specifically written for, but not limited to, SimLit writers. This works for all forms of fiction writing.

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Love Shot Ep. 15 – “Lesser of Two Idiots” / Final Elimination


“Well, today is the final elimination.”


“And to be honest with you, I have no idea who I’m choosing.”


Don’t get me wrong. One of them is possibly a great, quality guy.


“But what went down over the past few days has left me questioning things.”


“Did I go about this whole process right? Could it be that I’ve let “The One” go already?”


“Or could it be that “The One” is right in front of me?”


“Maybe I’ve got my hair pulled too tight?”


“These guys are so different from the other. It’s two ends of two completely different spectrums that I working with here.”


“One the one hand, I’ve got a guy whose not much different from the last guy I’ve dated. In fact, he may be even worse. What is with this town and meat-heads?”


“Then I have a guy who I don’t know anything about other than he has imaginary friends in high places that love to fart on his head. And he’s got a problem with giving me lip.”


At first, he was intriguing, now he’s just crazy. Though crazy is not a deal breaker for me. On the right guy, as long as he can keep his fits to hisself, it can be plum sexy.


“And even though I’m still ticked about him giving me lip;”


“It was still strangely sexy to see him act like an actual living sim for once.”


“I think I can deal with that. He is cute.”


I am uncertain of my chances at this point. If I go by the events at the cabin, I think it could go in my favour.


Time for Diesel to claim his prize.


D.D.: Well guys, this is it. Final elimination. How are you feeling?

Shy Guy: Fine.


D.D.: How are you feeling, Dumb-Abs?

Dumb-Abs: Let’s just get this over with, babe.

D.D.: Oh, don’t worry. It is about to be over for you.


Dumb-Abs: Boo, I got this. Just send him home already.

D.D.: What makes you think I won’t choose him?

Dumb-Abs: You won’t.

D.D.: I could.

Dumb-Abs: Ha! Yeah, right. Sure.

D.D.: Snicker all you want.

D.D.: He may not be much but at least he’s not you.


Shy Guy: Shut up!


D.D.: Excuse me!?!

Shy Guy: SHUT UP!!!


Shy Guy: I’m so tired of listening to the both of you bicker on like school children.


Shy Guy: It’s so obvious you like each other.


Shy Guy: He sees you as a trophy. And your feeble attempts at resisting his caveman charm is not even an attempt. You’re an adolescent school girl who pushes the boy to the pavement to get his attention.


D.D.: Who are you calling a little girl, you chalk bucket?


D.D.: I’m going to kick your butt so hard, you’ll turn my shoe color!


D.D.: Now call me a little girl again! I’ll draw hopscotches all over this park with your face! SAY IT!


D.D.: I thought so. You’re dismissed.


It’s a little too late to be growing a set. As stated before, I have a zero tolerance for anybody talking sherb to me. And honestly if Chalky won this, he’d soon find out he’s not built for this.

Therefore, he should thank me. I saved his life.


D.D.: Go home and build yourself a girlfriend.

Shy Guy: Very well.


I’d say I’m disappointed by not being chosen. However, I feel just fine.

“It was clear from the start that I wasn’t her type.”


“She prefer’s the more physically dominant, intimately phlegmatic, narcissistic kind.”


“I’ve come to the conclusion that she got what she desired. And so did he.”


“They’re made for each other.”


I called it! Told you so! Giesel for the win.


Dumb-Abs: Finally.

D.D.: It’s over.


Dumb-Abs: I know. Come here, boo.


D.D.: There’s something I wa-

Dumb-Abs: I’m gonna make you so happy.


Aw, Jamoo!


D.D.: You better.


D.D.: Gino, I’m not going to ask to be your girl. I don’t think you can handle me.


Gino: I can handle anything, boo.


Gino: I came here for you and now I’m leaving here with you.


Gino: Only you.

D.D.: Oh, Gino. You mean that?

Gino: Duh, boo.

D.D.: Well, in that case…

score day16elim


D.D.: Yes! I do!

Gino: Do wha…


Love Shot 2 Bachelor Casting Is Now Open


*Sim must be compatible with Base Game, Perfect Patio and Outdoor Living. If you use thing from GTW, Luxury Stuff, I may not be able to use your sim as pictured.


She can have any trait and aspirations. Diversity is encouraged. Make her any shape, size, and color.

  1. Must have at least 1 skill at level 3
  2. Female
  3. Young adult to adult
  4. Single

Legacy spares are also welcome.

If your sim has a child. You can include them in your upload.

Have a short bio / backstory. Include things like where are they from? Have they ever been married or in a serious relationship? Do they have children? Do they even children? What do they look for in a man? Any hobbies? Etc. Something to bring the character to life.

You can post it in my thread on the sims forum, pm it to me there or include in the household’s description in the gallery.

CC Requirements:

  1. Maxis Match or as close to Maxis match is preferred. But that won’t hinder final decisions.
  2. If you do use CC from a site, send me the name and links. Also include it in the Gallery description.

How To Enter:

Post your sim in the gallery with the #LSBachelor and a description.

If selected your sim, they’re guaranteed to stay on as a townie and possibly become a supporting cast member.

If you sim wins, she will be added to the cast of Hella Good and get to live happily ever after (hopefully) with our bachelor.

Deadline for entry: Friday, Spetember 18, 2015 (9/18/2015)