Bachelorette Challenge Contestant Voting [CLOSED]

Last week, I help an open casting call for the most eligible bachelors to enter for a shot at love. And the response was surprising to say the least. It ended being more contestants than required and has created a dilemma for me. Each one of these guys have great story potential and unique personalities, it’s hard for me to choose. Which is why I’m handing over the selection process to you, my readers and lurkers.

A poll has been created for you to choose up to 7 contestants that you would like to see get a chance to compete. Look over the list of bachelor below and see who strikes your fancy.

The contestants top 7 contestants with the most votes get a shot at our bachelorette. In case there is a tie for the last slots, the likes from the Love Shot thread on the sims forum will be used to break the tie.

Poll ends Monday, June 22, 2015 at Noon CST

Contestants with the most will be announced June 26 – July 2.


Dorian Thatcher

Young Adult
Master Chef
Romantic | Cheerful | Active

Read Dorian’s biography

Creator: Rawla


Mac Apple

Young Adult
Soul Mate
Good | Active | Love Outdoors

Read Mac’s biography

Creator: swcheppes


Stetson Wilcox

Young Adult
Big Happy Family
Self-Assured | Family-Oriented | Active

Read Stetson’s biography

Creator: BBQPenguinWings


Darius Lance

Young Adult
Party Animal
Snob | Noncommital | Materialistic

Read Darius’s biography

Creator: marcellala


Tatsuya Ikeda

Young Adult
Master Mixologist
Glutton | Slob | Geek

Read Tatsuya’s biography

Creator: megg87


Owen Gateson

Young Adult
Computer Whiz
Genius | Geek | Clumsy

Read Owen’s biography

Creator: swcheppes


Tristen Hughes

Young Adult
Friend of the World
Romantic | Self-Assured | Gregarious

Read Tristen’s biography

Creator: summerfalls


Sewell Van Snavely

Public Enemy
Young Adult
Hot-Head | Insane | Evil

Read Sewell’s biography

Creator: BBQPenguinWings


Gino Fletcher

Young Adult
Chief of Mischief
Outgoing | Bro | Active

Read Gino’s biography

Creator: Akrama


Nigel Ramsey

Young Adult
Computer Whiz
Geek | Genius | Insane

Read Nigel’s biography

Creator: Lovesstorms


Nathaniel Ramsey

Young Adult
Outdoor Enthusiast
Love the Outdoor | Outgoing | Lazy

Read Nathaniel’s biography

Creator: Lovesstorms


Ian Borg

Young Adult
Chief of Mischief
Loner | Family-Oriented | Mean

Read Ian’s biography

Creator: Cressidas


David Young

Young Adult
Outdoor Enthusiast
Active | Good | Romantic

Read David’s biography

Creator: Pottergoose


Gregory Lawrence

Young Adult
Big Happy Family
Music Lover | Outgoing | Foodie

Read Gregory’s biography

Creator: megg87


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